Lithuanian accused of theft held in detention for four weeks

goldsmith in TrysilGoldsmith in Trysil: Jon Eeg / NTB scanpix

One of two accused of a gold robbery in Trysil last year was detained for four weeks, with a ban on visits, or written correspondence.The 34 year old has pled not guilty to the change.


According to the man’s defence lawyer, Tore Müller Famestad, the man agreed to the four weeks of detention, even though he Is pleading not guilty.

‘He justifies this because he wants to cooperate with the police, and he understands why they need to control his movements while they are investigating the case,’ said the lawyer to NTB news agency.

Sør-Østerdal district court ruled on Tuesday that the man is being detained for four weeks, in line with the police’s request, wrote the East Länder newspaper.

In advance of the detention, the man was given two hour’s of questioning.

‘What he said there, I can’t go into’, said Famestad.

Extradited from Denmark

The man is one of two police have charged after a brutal gold robbery in Trysil in March last year. He was arrested in Copenhagen last week, and agreed to be handed over to Norway. He is charged with robbery.

‘He was discovered incidentally in Copenhagen in connection with another case, and was arrested and detained on the same day,’ said Attorney General, Henning Klauseie, to NRK news.

Norwegian police picked up the 34 year old man in Denmark on Monday.

One robber is still at large

The man is said to have entered the gold store on Wednesday, March the 2nd, and the police were notified at 09.10.

An employee was tied-up, and beaten, and the robbers stole gold, and a considerable sum of money, to the sum of hundreds of thousands of kroner. The thieves took the road to Sweden, where the police were told that a suspect car had driven just above

the border at Rörbäcksnes. The police found the clothes that the perpetrators wore while doing the robbery.

The other man alleged to have been involved in the case, a 25 year old Lithuanian, still hasn’t been arrested.



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