Lithuanian sentenced to 5 years for rape

Southern Sunnmøre rape lithuanianThe Sunnmøre Alps, View from Aalesund. Photo:

Lithuanian got 5 years for assault rape in Sunnmøre

A 39-year-old man Lithuanian is convicted of imprisonment for five years and one month for brutal rape of a woman in the southern part of Sunnmøre last summer. 


Three men were charged in the case. A 24-year-old man was aquitted while a 21-year-old was sentenced to four months imprisonment for sexual acts without consent, writes Sunnmørsposten.

The prosecutor asked for five and a half years imprisonment for two of the accused and five years and three months imprisonment for the third person, but was not able to anything close to that for two of the accused men.


The 39-year-old man also has to pay NOK 175,000 in damages to the woman, according to the verdict in the Southern Sunnmøre District Court.

Three men from Lithuania were detained last summer, charged with rape of a woman in a forest near a hamlet in southern Sunnmøre. The three men who were in Norway to seek work, have denied denied culpability of the charges brought against them all along.

The woman explained in court that she in the afternoon of July 18, 2017 she was going for a walk in the mountains. Soon after, she became aware of three men coming up behind her.

– One of them was wearing slippers, and I therefore realized that he was not on a mountain hike, the woman stated in court.

To cut to the core of the issue, she was pushed on to her back and subject to what is referred to as a gross rape in the indictment.


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