Lobster fisherman lifeless – one missing

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A lobster fisherman found lifeless – one man is missing

A fisherman, fishing for lobster, is flown to hospital after being picked up lifeless from the ocean near the Bokn Island in Rogaland. Another man is missing after their 27 foot fishing boat sunk. In the Oslo Fjord are two people charged with drunk driving after a sailboat collided in Hurum in Buskerud in the night before Saturday. A missing passenger was found after several hours of searching.


The man who was picked up from the sea is in his fifties, he was lifeless and had to be administered heart and lung resurrection from the personnel in the air ambulance. The Rescue leader, Owe Frøland, confirms to NTB that the man arrived at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen around one pm, but has no information about his current condition.

A man in his forties, who was participating in the lobster fishing, has been missing for several hours. The Rescue Leader says the 9-metre long vessel has probably gone down in the area close to Bussholmane and Sauøya in the municipality of Arsvågen close to Karmøy in northern Rogaland.

It is in the same area that the man other fisherman was brought lifeless out of the sea.

Rough seas and southerly wind

– The boat is gone, we can’t locate it on the surface. But we have found an inflatable life raft in the sea further into the bay, as well as some wreckage and flotsam, says Frøland.

It was just after 11 am on Saturday that the central rescue centre, southern Norway was informed that a smack with two men aboard was missing south of Western Bokn southeast of Karmøy in Rogaland. The two men were maintaining lobster pots. It is assumed that they went out on Saturday morning, but no-one has been in contact with them since Friday. It may have taken several hours from the vessel ran into trouble before the police and rescue personnel were notified.

– We assume that the vessel has had problems with rough seas and a southerly wind, as the first boats participating in the search have described the weather situation to be in the area. Those weather conditions are difficult to handle for small vessels, he continues.

Large rescue mission

Large resources are included in the search, including a pilot boat, ambulance vessel and a substantial number of private vessels. In addition, there have been several helicopters participating in the search. On Saturday afternoon, a helicopter performed a surface search from the air. Search on land will also be performed.

There are also divers attached to the rescue effort, but they do not enter the sea before the wind and the seas are calming down.

– It may have been a couple of hours before we got notified and the demanding weather in the area makes it difficult for the searchers. Things are moved around by the wind, tide and currents. We can see that from the objects we have found so far. They are found farther towards land in the direction of the weather, Frøland concludes.

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Two arrested for drunk driving after capsising

The missing woman in her fifties was located on Saturday morning, after a witness observation, not far from the Tofte marina. She was on board the little wooden sailboat that collided with the breakers at the marina sometime during the night before Saturday.

The police were notified of the accident at a quarter to four in the morning. A man and a woman in their forties managed to get ashore and notified a third party of what had happened. Only about seven hours later, the passenger was found, after an extensive search with divers in the water, and with the help of volunteers on land and in the marina.

The couple who first went ashore is accused of driving a boat while intoxicated. The third passenger was also under the influence, according to Drammens Tidende.

– We got information from someone who saw a woman in the centre of Tofte who obviously was freezing cold. It turned out to be the woman that we were looking for. We are pleased that she is alive, says Operation Manager, Rune Hunshamar, to the local newspaper.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are unclear, but according to Operations Leader, Arne Guddal, the boat was sailing from Vestfold towards Oslo. The sailboat hit a breaker, was damaged and sunk.


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