Long Corona test queues continue in Oslo

coronavirus testCoronavirus test.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

In the Municipality of Oslo, people with symptoms of Corona will have to wait up to a week to get tested. -We are working to improve the capacity, says the Health Service. 

-”There is a great demand for testing and unfortunately some have to wait a long time. We are hoping that the waiting period will go down towards the future now that the capacity will increase.”, says the Director of the Health Service in Oslo Municipality, Hilde Hamre, to VG.

She says that all the Municipalities testing stations are working purposefully to increase the test capacity, but that the agency sees an increasing waiting time now that new criteria have been introduced to be able to test oneself. 

Many private clinics offer testing at several Norwegian cities, and many of them are experiencing an increasing demand. 

-”We noticed an explosive increase in the last two weeks after the outbreak. Many make contact because they do not want to wait for public testing. Says CEO, Per Helge Fagermoen, in Volvat. 

He thinks it is a pity the municipality does not send people to them and other private clinics that have free capacity to reduce the corona test queues. 

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