We lose 154 billion each year on unhealthy diets

We lose 154 billion each year on unhealthy dietUnhealthy diet.Photo Atle Johnsen Norway Today Media

If the population had followed  the dietary recommendations from the government, people and society would have had a profit of 154 billion a year, according to the Health Directorate.
The calculations, which are made on behalf of the Ministry of Health will be presented on Tuesday at the conference “Meal Joy – healthy for all” in Stavanger, which is  part of the work on a new national action plan for diet.
The expenditure of the health services would, according to the report, have been 12 billion less a year if people had eaten healthier. In addition, the overall health benefits would amount to a total estimated value of 136 billion annually. This includes reduced absenteeism, disability and longer life, which annually would result in increased tax revenues of around 6 billion per year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today