Lost wallet – got it back, with more money

WalletWallet - did it again with more money.Photo pixabay.com

A man from Stavanger lost his wallet containing 1,000 kroner and thought he would never see it again. But three weeks later the wallet was returned – containing twice as much money .

According to newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad Christian Øxnevad noticed that his wallet was gone when he stood at the checkout at the pharmacy on Straen Centre in Stavanger.
He found the wallet in his mailbox a few weeks later, accompanied by a letter. In the letter the anonymous person who returned the wallet wrote that he was “broke as church mouse” when he came across the wallet at the mall.
“Here’s your money back with some interest and my conscience relieved. Have fun. Best regards from a  person who always pays his debts, “the handwritten letter read.
– I was deeply touched. Pure and simple. By the level of honesty shown by that person. There was no doubt in my mind that he had use for the money. I am neither angry nor disappointed, says the owner of the wallet.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today