A lot of young people’s parties broken up on the night of May the 1st

Russ Camp Sexual abuseRuss. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / SCANPIX

In several places around the country, the police have been busy dealing with the night’s activities between April the 30th to the 1st of May. A two-digit number of parties were stopped by the police.

Youth were behind many of the events, including in Tranby in Buskerud, where a party was stopped and 50 to 60 people were arrested by the police.

In Troms, the police had to go out twice to the same party after the participants refused to quit even after a visit by a police patrol. But others were more cooperative, and a Russ in the same police district was opposed to it, despite the fact that he had to stay overnight at the police station after the arrest.

A drunk Russ was brought in, but in a good humour, and he was pleased when he was promised breakfast the next morning, wrote Troms police district.

At several parties there had been fighting, which didn’t result in serious injuries. In Finnmark, an 18-year-old was hit in the face at a Russ party in Sandnesdalen.

‘He may have cracked his nose bone, and will see a doctor. We have the name of a suspect’, said the police.

Also in the capital, the police said there were episodes of violence during the night.

‘At Majorstua train station there was a fight between several people. A person was sliced with a knife. The alleged perpetrator was caught and arrested’, wrote the police on Twitter.

At a party venue in downtown Oslo, a man was arrested after threatening several guards and others, as well as destroying a door.

In several police districts there were a number of complaints about noisy Russ.

‘We tried to handle as many of these as we had capacity for,’ explained the police in Oslo.

In Troms, several complaints were received about Russ at the Pyramiden shopping mall.

‘We have been there and closed down the party, so people can sleep,’ the police wrote on Twitter.

Also, the old airport at Torp in Sandefjord had been used as a venue for Russ to party during the night, and the police received complaints about noise, and eventually fighting.

The people on the spot told the Russ to leave the place, as they arrived. In one of the buses, the police patrol found minors, said the Vestfold police.

The police in Agder also had a busy night before the 1st of May.

‘It has been hectic until now. Many youngsters have gathered in several locations. There have been no serious incidents, but much drunkenness,’said operations manager, Ole Bjørn Kleivane to NTB news at 02.00.

One of the destinations was to the zoo in Kristiansand.

‘There were five boys who jumped with little thought over the fence. They didn’t jump into the lions, and we have not been told that they entered any of the animals cages. But we expelled them from the place,’ Kleivane said.

It is up to the zoo if they will follow up on the matter.

In Vennesla, the police had to ask a large number of young people, including many Russ, to turn back as they headed towards Vigeland Hovedgård to a party late on Friday night.

Later, the police were informed that around 200 youth were back on the site, and had to re-expel them to end the party.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today