Lots of drunk people and trouble in several places in the country

Police at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The police in the major cities have had a hectic night, with arrests, burglaries and lots of drunk and disorderly people

.-“The Christmas party season has probably begun, and there has been a lot of violence, overbearing drunkenness and fighting. Night to Sunday, there have been a few more cases than usual,” says operations manager Vidar Pedersen in the Oslo police district to NTB.

One person was also stabbed in the back in Brugata in downtown Oslo. A lot of blood was reported and the victim was sent to the emergency room at Ullevål Hospital. The person came from the incident without serious injury.

In Southeast police district, police say 14 people have been detained or arrested, which is not much above normal.

– Relatively busy
Trøndelag police have also had their say.

– “It has been a relatively busy night. There has been a lot of fighting and trouble. The most serious case was knife threats, but it has also been about theft, traffic and drugs,” says operations manager Bernt Tiller in the Trøndelag police district.

In total, 18 people were detained or arrested night to Sunday.

– “It takes quite a lot to be a Trøndelag,” says Tiller.

– Quite a lot

“There have been especially many. It’s been one of those nights for us tonight,” says operations manager John Repstad in the Agder police district to Dagbladet.

At the Trom’s police district, there has been a lot of activity in the cities.

-“We have noticed that the Christmas party season is underway, but it has not been any worse than normal,” says operations manager Kåre Munkvold.

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