Lots of teenage drinking and fighting in Drammen

Police, shot in larvikPolice.Photo: norway Today Media

Intoxicated teenagers and pub fights, Friday night gave the police in Buskerud an exceptional work load.

During the midnight hour,  the police had to take care of four teenagers in Bragernes and apprehend two people for violence on licensed premises in Drammen. The cases seem to be unrelated.

– We came across a very intoxicated girl, aged 18, who had to be driven home. additionally there was a 18-year-old from Kongsberg outside 7-Eleven, she was held in custody until her father picked her up.

Next up was a 19-year-old boy, totally wasted, vomiting all over the sidewalk outside a nightclub. He was in such a poor condition as to require a visit to the emergency room.

Then it was right back to the town centre, where the patrol took care of a 19 old girl who was both hysterical and intoxicated In the police car, she was acting up so much that she had to be held down until she was brought to the emergency services, operations manager Trond-Egil Groth of the South East police district told to NTB.

– It was much to much at one time. It seems that there are very many young partying in one night and many who have consumed so much alcohol that they are unable to care for themselves.

On top of all this there were many cases of violence in the town.

– There was fighting near a bar where we had to intervene. There has also been a case in another nightclub where a doorman was struck down leading to loosening of teeth. Both the perpetrators in these cases are headed for jail now, says Groth.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today