Low pressure over Iceland brings wind

winter landscape windWinter landscape.Photo: Pixabay.com

Low pressure over Iceland brings wind to the west coast

A low pressure over Iceland moves eastwards, bringing wind and bad weather to the Norwegian West coast and Trøndelag. The bad weather will hit the coast on Wednesday night.


– Western Norway already has a few rain showers, but it is going to be more steady rainfall when the weather gets inland. This will lead to higher temperatures and increasing snow limits, says meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute, Ragnhild Nordhagen to NTB.

The wind force is likely to rise to heavy gales in Western Norway and in the mountains of southern Norway. The low pressure will move further eastwards and weaken en route. As a result, it becomes gradually calmer on Thursday and onwards to the weekend.

– When we come to the weekend, the low pressure over the Kara Sea (Siberia) makes it gradually colder. There will probably be some showers in the north of western Norway and in Trøndelag. To the south of Stad, it will be calmer weather. On Sundays there will be dry weather in southern Norway, as it seems at the moment, Nordhagen continues.

Siberian low pressure approaches Finnmark

There are two low pressures that will affect the weather across the country in the coming days: a low pressure over the Kara Sea, northeast of Finnmark, which sends a cold front to Norway and causes some showers from Lofoten and northwards. The low pressure over Iceland moves eastwards and brings with it high wind and bad weather in Western Norway.

– In Northern Norway, there will be some snow accumulating in the next few days. To the south of Lofoten, it will be a nice, clear and cold autumn weekend, without much rainfall, according to the Meteorologist.

If you have plans to inaugurate on natural snow at the ski slope during the weekend, you have to go a long way uphill, and preferably far west or north. The precipitation that is expected in Finnmark before the weekend, will in exposed places come down as snow.

– The low pressure across the Kara Sea will cause colder temperatures throughout the country and some rain showers in outer areas of Finnmark from Friday onwards. The showery weather moves inward towards Troms and the north of Nordland on Saturday. The southern part of Nordland it is going to clear up, Nordhagen continues.

Frost and sunny east of the mountains

But the snowy weather that was forecast for Eastern Norway on Friday, will as it now seems not come to fruition. There may be a little bit of showery weather in the southernmost part of southern Norway, but the mountain divide in southern Norway ensures that the low pressure moving east from Iceland stays in the west.

Thus it is every reason to await cold, clear and sunny days in Eastern Norway. Nordhagen is reluctant to call them autumn days because it gets so cold that they might as well qualify as being snow-free winter days. If you have plans to start the snowy season in the ski tracks during the weekend, you have to travel a fair bit uphill, and preferably far to the west or northwards.

– Saturday and Sunday, it seems that most places will have night temperatures below the freezing point. Some places, in the lowlands of southern Norway, will probably see temperatures rising a tad over 0 degrees Celcius during the daytime, but then only a couple of degrees in some places. During the night time there will probably be temperatures below all across the country, Nordhagen concludes.


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