Low water levels stop salmon fishing in Gaula

Salmon fishingTrondheim.Salmon fishing in Gaula in Sør-Trøndelag.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX .

Gaula fishing management stopped fishing on Friday in the upper part of the river. The reason was that Gaula’s water level is very low.


The ruling applied from upstream from Hulta in Haltdalen.In addition, fishing in Bua, Fora and Sokna has also been stopped, wrote Trønderbladet newspaper.

The Board of Fisheries reported on Gaula Nature Centre’s website that Gaula is in a very unusual situation and that the board is not comfortable with it.

“The water is extremely low, and the fish get stuck together in the remaining body of it,” said the board.

In June, the newspaper wrote that the water level in the river was so low that Gaula fisheries management,for the first time in history, had been forced to introduce so-called ‘light fishing’ which imposes restrictions on equipment use.

Salmon are taken caught in the river, but many of the salmon are small. So far in July, 265 salmon have been caught, of which about half have been left out.

Gaula fisheries management reported that the fishing rule in the upper part of Gaula is valid until there is significant rain.

In 2005, Gaula became the best Norwegian salmon brand with an inventoried quantity of 37.5 tonnes. Both in Gaula and Orkla, the salmon stocks were down a few years ago,with little salmon returning.

“This was most likely due to a few years of salmon lice in the outer Trondheimsfjord,” said salmon researcher Eva Bonsak Thorstad of the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research to Adresseavisen newspaper in late June.

Due to the strong limitations on fishing, the salmon in the fjord have increased again. During the past 30 years, catches in the sea and rivers of Norway have been reduced from 1,500 tonnes to between 500 to 600 tonnes.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today