Lower toll fares for camper vans and other large cars

Camper Car motor-home Several EU controls for larger cars Camper cars .Photo Wikipedia.

Camper vans and other large cars smaller than trucks and vehicles of a similar size will pay the same toll bar fares as smaller cars. This will strengthen Norway as a destination for motorhome tourists, the government thinks.
– Today  many camper vans pay the same fare amount as trucks. This felt unfair. Now we will change this, and most camper vans will be equated with cars,  Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen (FRP) says.
The changes take effect on April 4., and the Minister hopes the measure will bring more  tourists in camper vans to Norway. Today’s toll bar fares for heavy vehicles are two to five times higher than for cars.
– I think more people will travel to Hitra and in a camper van when they only have to pay 119 kroner, not 595 kroner, like they have to do now. A quick calculation shows that for the Oslo-Nordkapp price will go down as well, from 539 NOK to 231 NOK. By making this change, I hope I can contribute to more people choosing to drive on Norwegian roads, rather than travelling through Sweden,  Solvik-Olsen says.
The new system applies to vehicles over 3500 kg which are considered to be part of the vehicle category M1. It includes most camper vans, recreational vehicles and larger cars. For motorists to avail themselves of the lowered rates they have to acquire an electronic chip with a valid agreement.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today