Lowest organ donation figures in ten years

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / SCANPIX

The organ donation figures for the third quarter are the lowest in ten years, statistics from Oslo University Hospital show.


There were 319 organs transplanted to 290 patients by the end of September 2018. At the same time last year, 395 organs had been transplanted to 355 patients. In particular, the extent of kidney transplants has decreased, according to a press release from the Foundation Organdonation.

According to the quarterly figures, hospitals have also reported fewer potential donors – 224 – than in the same quarter last year, when the number was 251. A potential donor is an intensive patient who is likely to die within a short period of time, and the opportunities for organ donation are investigated.

At the same time it appears that the population’s willingness to donate remains at a stable, high level. In more than three out of four cases – 77 percent – where donation is possible, their relatives have answered yes.

“There are many factors that affect donation rates. We believe that more resources must be put in place to raise awareness of organ donation, both to the population and to health professionals,” says information manager Aleksander Sekowski from the foundation of organ donation in a press release.


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