Lowest wine harvest in France since 1945

Wine grapesWine grapes. Photo: Pixabay.com

Lowest production of wine in France since 1945

An unusually mild March, and cold April, have led to the lowest wine production in France since 1945.


‘We thought it would be a bit less this year, but it has become vastly reduced,’ said Jerome Despey, who represents wine farmers to the French authorities.

The Ministry of Agriculture estimates that they will have production of 37.2 million hectolitres, 18% less than in 2016, and 17% less than the average for the past five years.

A quality year nonetheless

Despey said that these calculations were made earlier this month, before harvest began in the southeast of the country this week. That is two weeks earlier than usual.

Many places in France have also experienced extreme drought in recent months. The drought helped reduce diseases that damage grape crops.

‘At least it’s gratifying that 2017 will stand out as a quality year,’ said Despey.

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