Lowest proportion of kindergarten/daycare teachers in Oslo and Bærum

Norwegian children.Children playing.Photo Norway Today Media

There are large differences from municipality to municipality in the proportion of skilled staff in kindergartens. Amongst the ten most populous municipalities, the proportion is lowest in Oslo and Bærum.

The national average of kindergarten teachers is 41 percent.

However, the proportion of kindergarten teachers spread-out between municipalities, is from under 20 to over 60 percent. According to an overview Aftenposten has received from the Directorate of Education, small municipalities stand out at both ends of the scale.

The reported figures are from last December and reported by the kindergarten centers themselves.

According to the Education Association, Oslo, Akershus and Rogaland suffer from being densely populated areas with a shortage of kindergarten teachers, while in some other municipalities they may receive 150 applicants for one position.

Teacher percentage proportion in the ten most populous municipalities:

1. Trondheim47,7

2. Bergen45,6

3. Fredrikstad44,3

4. Kristiansand44,3

5. Tromsø44,3

6. Drammen42,3

7. Sandnes38,1

8. Stavanger37,1

9. Oslo36,0

10. Bærum34,7

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today