Forest fire in Lyngdal under control

Lyngdal Forest fire kvinesdaOn the heath between Kvinesdal and Lyngdal, it still burns heftily. From the E39 you can clearly see the forest fires that rage. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

Forest fire in Lyngdal under control

Efforts from a large number of firefighters and helicopters have led to the forest fire in Lyngdal in Vest-Agder being under control and nearly extinguished on Wednesday morning.

A total of 57 firefighters are involved in battling the fire.

“I have rarely been so fond of rain as I am today,” Chief of the Fire Service South, Jon Inge Aasen, tells Fædrelandsvennen.

Han bekrefter at brannen nå er under kontroll.

“This looks very good,” he says at a quarter to ten.

Ten homes in Lyngdal in Vest-Agder were evacuated as a result of the fire that rages in the area.

Aasen states that people at Røysgård were asked to leave the place, but that there is no longer any danger. The inhabitants have, therefore, been able to return home.

Blessed rain

The Chief of Fire further informs that they will carry on with extinguishing throughout Wednesday.

“The rain came as a blessing but is not the decisive factor in getting this fought. The helicopters, along with the ground personnel, must soak the ground,” he explains.

4,000 acres have now burned. The fire spread out from 1,000 acres during the night, caused by strong winds in the area.

In addition to crews from the fire service, the Civil Defence and five fire helicopters have participated.

Throughout the night it has been burning at three different areas in Lyngdal and Kvinesdal: Little Kvelland, near Røysgård and Vidringstad. Both at Lille Kvelland and Røysgård, the fires were extinguished by 9 am.




Skogbrannene sørvest i landsdelen startet tirsdag ettermiddag.

Director of the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning, Cecilie Daae, describes the situation as serious.

“I fear that the danger of fire will be large for several weeks to come, also several other places in Norway,” she tells NRK.

Gaining control of forest fire in Sokndal

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