Lynx population in Norway exceeds national target for first time in eight years

LynxPhoto: Uriel Soberanes / Unsplash

For the first time in eight years, the Norwegian lynx population target exceeds the national population target of 65 family groups.

The figures were revealed in a June report from Rovdata, responsible for operating, communicating, and developing the Norwegian Large Predator Monitoring Program.

A family group consists of a female lynx with one or more cubs. 

According to estimates, before the quota hunt started and before new cubs were born this year, there were 66.5 family lynx groups in Norway.

“After seven years of being below the target, the lynx population is now above the target set by the Norwegian parliament (Storting), at 66.5 family groups, which is an increase of 21% from last year,” Jonas Kindberg, head of Rovdata, noted at the time.

Stock growth in the north

In particular, there have been several new lynx family groups in the northernmost predator regions. 

In Nordland, there has been an increase from 5.5 to 11 family groups, while in Troms og Finnmark a rise from 5 to 11 family groups was registered.

The national population target of 65 annual family groups is divided into seven of the country’s eight predator regions. 

Five out of seven predator management regions were at or above the stock target before the hunt began this year.

“All regions with set population targets, except for regions 4 (Viken) and 5 (Hedmark), are at or above the regional population target in the number of family groups for this year”, Kindberg added.

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