Lysbakken ready for a rematch in the parliament: “The AP and SP must prepare for political concessions”

Audun LysbakkenPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

The Socialist Left Party (SV) has far from given up on its demands that were not met during the coalition talks in Hurdal. The budget negotiations could be painful for the Labor Party (AP) and the Center Party (SP), SV leader Audun Lysbakken warns.

“There is no doubt that if they are to come to an agreement with us, then they must also be willing to do what they were not willing to do in Hurdal. Namely, to give political concessions that can hurt the Labor Party and Center Party. That’s how it is. That’s how political cooperation is. You have to give and take,” Lysbakken told NTB.

He is now putting the disappointment behind him after the preliminary government discussions at Hurdalssjøen hotel fell through last week. He is looking forward to taking on the work in opposition.

Even if the AP and the SP continue to negotiate government power alone, the minority government will face problematic issues with the SV in the Norwegian parliament.

“The cases that are well known from Hurdal, which came to the forefront there, will also be central in the future. Issues such as tax and distribution policy, profit-free welfare, the question of how we should achieve rapid emissions cuts to achieve the climate goals, oil policy, and important nature issues,” Lysbakken stated.

Free to negotiate

He has great faith in breakthroughs in rematches in the parliament.

“The whole point is: Why did we leave Hurdal? Because we were required to provide advance guarantees to move away from important positions for us. The whole point of leaving there was to free ourselves from it. The things that they wanted us not to negotiate in the government negotiations, we are free to negotiate in the parliament,” the SV leader pointed out.

He warned the AP and the SP that they would face a more implacable SV if they decided to side with the conservative side to seek a majority in the parliament.

“If the government is not willing to give concessions our way in distribution cases, or begins to generally seek support from the Conservatives and the FRP in environmental matters, then the level of conflict will be higher than if they try to find solutions on our side.”

No obligation on the tax promise

One of the first things to happen in the parliament this autumn is next year’s state budget. The AP and the SP have announced that they would negotiate this with the SV.

“I intend to wait to announce exactly what we plan to include in this particular budget. It is entirely possible for us to include any political issue in the budget negotiations. We have also seen this happen now in the civil negotiations,” Lysbakken emphasized.

One of the issues that arose in Hurdal was the redistribution policy. AP leader Jonas Gahr Støre has stood firm in his promise that the overall level of taxes and income tax will remain at the 2020 level for the next four years, which overall means a continuation of the Solberg government’s tax cuts through eight years.

“We have no obligation to that tax promise and will not use it as a basis when we make our tax policy,” Lysbakken stated.

Good relationship

After the SV broke out of the government discussions, both the Red and Green parties have invited it to alliances to put pressure on the new government in important disputes. 

Lysbakken will talk to both parties but thinks it is a bit early to discuss the form of collaboration.

“We will be concerned with building a good relationship with both the Red Party and the Green Party, but also with parties on the other side with whom we can cooperate in individual cases, for example, the Liberal Party in environmental matters,” he said.

“I am optimistic about what we can achieve. There was no red-green government project, but now we will make sure to give both red and green colors to the social project that we will have for the next four years.”

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