Lysbakken: There is no majority in the parliament without the Socialist Left Party

Audun LysbakkenAudun Lysbakken (SV). Photo: Marit Hommedal / NTB

There are many indications that the Socialist Left Party (SV) has reached its goal of contributing to a new government, party leader Audun Lysbakken said.

“There are many things we do not yet know, but there are many indications that we have achieved what we set as our goal when we started this election campaign: to make a decisive contribution towards this country getting a new government and a new direction,” Lysbakken said in his speech to the Socialist Left Party (SV) election HQ at Rockefeller in Oslo.

He boasted about the election campaign efforts of the party and the youth party Socialist Youth, predicting hard work ahead when SV takes its next step. The current forecasts show that the Labor Party, the Center Party, and the Socialist Left Party can get the majority in the Storting and power to form a new government.

Believes there will be tough negotiations

The Socialist Left Party (SV) will still be the smallest of these three parties. But Lysbakken believes the other two parties will need the SV.

“Everything indicates that there is no way to power and a majority in the Storting that does not go through us, and we will use that power,” he promised.

But he is quite clear on one thing: if the party does not succeed in its two most important issues in the government negotiations, it will go into opposition instead of joining the government.

“There will be tough negotiations. Politics decide. We are ready to join a red-green government if we get enough support to reduce the differences and do something about the climate and environmental crisis. We will go into opposition if it gets too bad in those areas,” Lysbakken noted.

We owe it to the voters to make an impact

Deputy Kari Elisabeth Kaski shares his views.

“We have said that we will not go into government if we do not get a good enough impact. So politics decide here, but we are ready for negotiations,” she told NTB.

Kaski pointed out that the support for the Socialist Left Party (SV), the Green Party (MDG), and the Red Party (R) together gives a signal that voters want more focus on climate, environment, and differences.

“We owe it to all those who have voted for change that we ensure a breakthrough. We will take responsibility for fighting it through,” Kaski stated.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #NorwayTodayNews

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