Mafia case in Oslo court

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Mafia case in Oslo court

Organized murder attempt, organized crime and drug trafficking are among the charges against Nokas-convicted Metkel Betew, Bandidos-top Lars Harnes, and eleven other persons.


Courtroom 828 in Oslo court was crowded by lawyers and the media, when the trial began on Wednesday.

Even before it began, you could hear loud noises draining out of the courtroom.

“Forget about the Eirik Jensen case. It is going to fade. It is their fault that there were more killings aiming at me”, shouted Imran Saber, alias “Uncle Skrue”, who gave sheltered them from prosecution, and slammed the table.

They are accused with, – among other crimes -, attempted assassination of Saber, knowns as the “financial minister” of Nokas-robber David Toska.

The 14-point allegation includes murder attempt, drug trafficking, weapon purchasing, and planning to rob a cargo aircraft at Gardermoen. Betew is in the centre of the most serious accusations, meanwhile Harnes is accused of attempting to assassinate Saber.

Harnes was arrested in Saber’s garage, wearing nylon stocking on his whole body, ski mask and equipped with a suppressed gun.

The others are charged with organized crime and trafficking drugs. Twelve of the thirteen supposed perpetrators are as well standing in front of the judge because of the the so-called “mafia act” for organized criminal activities.

None of them have pleaded guilty.  


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