Major danger of avalanches in many places

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Avoid steep slopes – major danger of avalanches

A lot of fresh snow and heavy wind makes for unstable conditions in the Norwegian mountains. There is great possibility of avalanches, danger level red, in many areas of south western Norway.


– Unprovoked avalanches are to be expected. Avoid avalanche prone areas, the warning service notices regarding Rogaland and several other areas on Sunday. Peolpe are well advised to visit the site if planning to go skiing in the next few days.

Mild weather coupled with heavy snowfall and a stiff breeze make the avalanche danger even more severe, according to the warning.

All movements in avalanche prone areas should be avoided, and some avalanches might reach roads or other infrastructure.

The danger of avalanches is indicated as green, yellow, orange and red. As for Sunday, danger level red applies to Rogaland, Inner parts of Fjordane, Inner parts of Sogn, Voss, Hardanger and Western Telemark.

A lot of fresh snow coupled with heavy winds will lead to large transport of snow onto the western slopes. Avalanches can be triggered both naturally and by skiers, the notice for Western Telemark emphasizes.

There is also a significant danger of avalanches, level orange, in Trollheimen, Romsdal, Sunnmøre, Joutunheimen and Hallingdal.

In the winter of 2016/2017 two people lost their lives in avalanches in Norway. So far this winter, no deaths have been reported. The death toll has dropped in recent years after a significant peak in the winter of 2010/2011 when 13 people died in avalanches.


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