Major problems with garbage and feces from visitors

Garbage and feces in the forestOslo. Garbage and feces in the forest: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

Homeless visitors are creating major problems with sanitation and pollution in the capital, according to Bymiljøetaten. It will cost the municipality 2.2 million kr to clean up the waste in 2016.

“Bymiljøetaten is experiencing a significant increase this year in the number of visitors who do not have independent living skills and utilize the city’s parks, streets, parks, green spaces, forests, and bridges as accommodation, writes agency director Gerd Robsahm Kjørven and director of Bydriftsdivisjonen Kjetil Storaas Hansen in a report on homeless visitors, writes ABC News.
They estimate that the cost of cleaning ‘wild camps’, collection and washing of stool in the center, and extra security will remain at nearly 2.2 million kr this year.
As of August this year, Bymiljøetaten had conducted 34 operations with the police. A total of 272 places were visited by these.
The problems are, according to the report, greatest in the Sognsvann area, but other areas mentioned include Ekeberg forest, the forest at Ekeberg, Dælenenga sports park, and under Sinsen bridge.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today