Major wood shortages in Oslo

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Both Plantasjen, Byggmakker and OBS Bygg in Oslo are warning of major shortages They put it in the context of high electricity prices.

Several of the shops that are wood carriers in Oslo are completely empty of wood in the middle of the winter cold period wrote Aftenposten newspaper.

“We cannot guarantee anywhere that we have wood in stock , but we are doing everything we can to get more’’ said Operations Manager, Jørgen Haukås, of Plantasjen Norway. He believes the shortage is due to electricity
prices, which have not been higher in nine years.

‘’I have been running this business for 27 years and have never experienced bgoing empty so early. There is virtually no manufacturer left behind at any place’’ said CEO, Steinar Halvorsen, of Christiania Vedforretning.

He also pointed to the electricity prices, but he also emphasized the role of the government’s ban on the use of heating oil and kerosene in homes.

‘’Burning fossil fuels is banned in Oslo. Therefore, so many more wood-burning stoves have come into use.

There have never been sold more than this year ‘’ said Halvorsen.

Also last year, there were shortages in several places in the country in the middle of the cold wave.

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