A majority of asylum seekers have had their applications rejected

UDI Logo, minor asylum seekersLogo UDI. Photo Norway Today Media

New figures from the Government show that a majority of the asylum seekers who came to Norway in the first half, have had their applications rejected.

VG has got the figures from immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug, who says she wants to send a strong signal that many who come here will not have any future in Norway.

UDI is still processing applications that extend back in time, but  the main figures for this year’s arrivals so far  are already clear.

For six of the ten largest applicant countries  the rejection rates are over 70 among the applicants who came to Norway in the first half of the year, according to figures the newspaper presents.

– The rejection rate is very high now. Many of those who come here, will not be protected, Listhaug says. However if   all the top ten countries are viwed as a whole, 54 percent of the asylum seekers have had their applications  rejected.

asylum seekers from Iraq, Albania and Morocco have  had the greatest rejection rates All the 41 asylum seekers from Morocco in the first half had their applications rejected, while 94 percent of Iraq and 96 percent from Albania had their applications rejected.

The proportion of asylum seekers who are granted a residence, is highest among asylum seekers from Eritrea (94 per cent), Syria (88 percent) and Ethiopia (63 percent).


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today