Majority of Parliament says no to a third gender

Continued clear majority in Parliament for the Monarchy SolbergThe Norwegian storting (Parliament). Photo: Norway Today Media

Venstre (Liberal Party) secures no to MDG (Green Party) and AP’s (Labour Party) proposal for a new and third legal gender. The party thus goes against its own stand in the case.

“We have decided that we will not vote for a third gender,” says Grunde Almeland, family spokesperson for Venstre, to Dagen.

The issue of a third gender has been up for voting in Parliament every year in recent years. In 2016, Venstre took the initiative to introduce a third gender, but was only supported by SV (Socialist Left Party) and MDG.

One proponent, Une Bastholm (MDG), believes a third gender category is necessary to “ensure that people who do not feel like men or women (non-binary people) should have their identity respected.”

“Venstre is for a third gender in principle. It is something we are fighting for, and something I personally want strongly,” says Almeland.

KrF (Christian Democratic Party) and FrP (Progress Party) will also vote against the proposal for a third gender. Høyre (Conservative Party) points out that they have not taken a political position on the matter in party programs or in manifestos.

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  1. Finally one good decision from Venstre!

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