Majority of Swedes in favour of scrapping nuclear power in Sweden

Forsmark nuclear power plantSweden.Forsmark nuclear power plant.Photo Fredrik Sandberg / SCANPIX

Opposition to nuclear power in Sweden is increasing. Now 52% of Swedes said they wish to discontinue this form of power generation. The figure comes from a survey conducted by the SOM Institute, according to Swedish Radio reports .

‘The wind does not blow the nuclear way right now, and it is partly because electricity prices are so low, and the options are so numerous and successful,’ said Sören Holmberg, a professor of political science at the University of Gothenburg.

Despite that analysis, the proportion of the population who want an end to nuclear power has increased by 13% since the nuclear disaster in Fukushima in Japan six years ago. The percentage who say they want to keep nuclear power fell from 44 before Fukushima, to 29% afterward.

Men are more in favour of nuclear power than women. Scepticism is greater in the countryside than in the city.

Among those voting Moderaterna (Moderates), Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish Democrats), and Liberalerna (Venstre), who are the equivalent of the Norwegian Left, there is majority support for nuclear power, while the position reversed among the other parties’ voters.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today