Raja makes fun of himself in milk video

Abid Raja Milk Liberals VenstreAbid "Q-Milk" Raja. Photo: Venstre

Raja makes fun of himself in milk video

Abid “Q-Milk” Raja does it again and jokes about his relationship to milk and where the milk originates from. This time he does it in a parody on TV 2 on Saturday.


The video is used in connection with this year’s “Goldfish” award. With a twinkle in his eye, the Liberal Politician and Vice President of the Parliament, Abid Raja, once again confirms that milk originates from the bull.

– This has been associated with me ever since last year,” says a laughing Abid Raja to VG.

Goldfish version

It was in an interview with the newspaper “Nationen” that the Liberal Deputy Leader talked about farming and his childhood experiences in his native Pakistan. at this occacion, he stated:

– The best was to get milk straight from the bull into the mouth, that was very much fun.

After that, he had to cope with a lot of jokes at his expense.

– There have been many good jokes in the wake of this. Not in the least because of the in depth and very good explanation VG came up with on where the milk actually comes from, continues Abid Raja.

In addition to being one of the parliaments two vice presidents, he is also parliamentary representative for the Liberals representing Akershus.

– This means that I already represent a large number of dairy farmers in the Parliament (Storting), and there will be several more when Akershus, Østfold and Buskerud merge and becomes Viken, says Raja.

But that does not prevent him from making more jokes regarding his knowledge of the origin of milk.

-Politicians are often seen as being boring and to serious. – Therefore, I use the opportunity to apply humour when I get the opportunity, and as an added bonus can contribute to public awareness, says Raja.

For him, it’s no less funny that he also gets the opportunity to play on the letter Q, which is also the abbrevation of his middle name (as well as being a dairy chain).

– Now that letter really comes into play. But I can not favor the Q dairies before their competitors in Tine. Ttherefore I have products from both of them in my fridge, says Raja.

The original video can bee watched here


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