Malika Bayan drops Hijab – still a Muslim

Malika BayanMalika Bayan.Photo: Privat / NTB scanpix

Malika Bayan, who received nationwide fame in connection with the trial against hairdresser Merete Hodne, says she has put away the Hijab.

Friday Bayan published a picture of herself not wearing a Hijab in social media, according to Jærbladet.- I’m still a Muslim. It voluntarily chose to wear a Hijab, and am at liberty take it off if I so choose, she says to the newspaper.

Hairdresser Merete Hodne was in the Jæren District Court fined NOK 10,000 for refusing Bayan access to her Salon in Bryne on the grounds that Bayan was wearing a Hijab. The case was brought before the Court of Appeals, who confirmed the verdict against Hodne. An appeal has been filed to the Supreme Court.

Bayan said that the trial has had no influence on her current choice. She says she will continue to fight for her case and the rights of those who wear a Hijab.
– I’m going to receive some flak because of this, I know that. Some will surely say that everything was just fake and about getting attention, but I must make a stand for what I do and concentrate on myself now. The case is of fundamental value and not a provocation on my part, she says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


2 Comments on "Malika Bayan drops Hijab – still a Muslim"

  1. This article is misleading. The salon owner didn’t refuse service because of the hijab. She refused service because this Muslim woman demanded that the salon owner bar/disallow men from being present in the salon because the Muslim woman said she couldn’t take it off in their presence as it was against her religion. So basically she demanded that the salon owner discriminate against the men in the salon in order to bow to her needs.

    Now she says that wearing the hijab is “optional” and she’s not forced to wear it, which is a total contradiction of what she based her lawsuit on.
    The salon owner is the victim of a scam and she has GOT to prevail in this. And what’s wrong with the Norwegian justice system that they would be dumb enough to rule in the Muslim woman’s favor to begin with?

  2. that story is bullshit Madcapper6. so why do you think court found the hairdresser guilty then? she even defended herself by saying the headscarf had scared her.

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