Man apprehended for the bomb at Ski

bomb dynamite explosiveA man is apprehended and charged with sending an explosive device to the Ski Police House. Photo:

Man apprehended for the bomb at Ski Police House

A man has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after finding of an explosive charge at the police house on Ski in Akershus on Wednesday. The suspect denies any knowledge of the matter.


– We knew who was behind the bomb threat on Thursday night, and he is formally charged. However, we could not do anything before he was arrested. That happened this afternoon, police lawyer John Skarpeid tells NTB.

The man.aged 40, is well-known to the police from earlier, including for police and court threats, the East Police District announces in a press release on Friday afternoon.

– The name of the person appeared early in the police investigation on Wednesday, and a lot of resources were put into the search for him. He was arrested in an undramatic action at the Skedsmo Shopping Centre in Akershus, the police writes.

Denies culpability

Skarpeid says that the indicted man has been appointed lawyer John Christian Elden as his defence. Elden tells NTB that the accused has not acknowledged the relationship.-

– This is an old client who has a difficult relationship with the police. He does not acknowledge having anything to do with this bomb, Elden informs NTB.

He adds that the police so far have not submitted any substantive evidence that connects his client to the bomb and says the client will oppose custody if that is applicable over the weekend.

Prison meeting on Monday

The victim will be presented for custody in the Follo District Court on Monday at 1 pm, the police enlightens.

– Now the police must ensure what is securable. We can not now rule out that there are others involved, but we have no other suspects in the case, according to Skarpeid.

He says the police will proceed with caution when to enter the premises that the accused has access to.

The police have investigated various persons based on the modus operandi who they suspect could be responsible for the package sent to the Ski Police House on Wednesday. It was analysed by writing experts and examined for DNA. The police have not stated what led to the arrest of the suspect.

Not a professional bomb

– This is not a professionally made bomb but it had significant damage potential against those in the mailroom. It could really have gone awry if they had not been as attentive as they were, Skarpeid concludes to Dagbladet.


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