Man arrested for espionage in Sweden


A man suspected of having spied on people in the Tibetan community in Sweden has been arrested, reported the Swedish Security Police (SAPO).
‘The man is suspected of having illegally collected information on exiled Tibetans, and passing on the information to a foreign power’, said SAPO in a statement on Monday.

According to the Swedish Expressen newspaper, the suspicion is of ‘basically, illegal intelligence activities.’

The man has lived in Sweden for several years. He was arrested on Sunday, and the matter is now being handled by a prosecutor at the national unit for security matters.

‘It happened in more than one location, and it happened over a period of time’ said the newspaper.

The security police were able to see how this man had been working in the Tibetan environmental movement, and gained his information there, which he later passed on to intelligence officers’, said Nina Odermalm Schej, the press manager at SAPO, to TT news agency.

‘The man had lived in Sweden for several years, in the service, as we see it, of a foreign power’, said Schej.

In the press release, so-called ‘refugee espionage’ is described as a way to prevent refugees of expressing criticism of the regime which they have fled.

It is also a way for a regime to gain control over those who have fled their country, find out why they fled, and where they are presently located.

SAPO didn’t state the suspect’s nationality.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today