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Man arrested after fatal fire in Hole

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Man arrested after fatal fire in Hole

A man is found dead after a fire in a detached house in Hole in Buskerud. A man has been arrested by the police in connection with the fire.


The emergency services moved out to the fire at 7.30 pm on Saturday, the second fire at the same address in two days, and the police are investigating whether they are a connected. A man is found dead in the detached house. He was registered as living at the address. At 1.15 am on Sunday, the police report that they have crime technicians on the spot and that they have arrested a man who will be questioned during the day on Sunday.

The reports on Twitter do not specify whether the person arrested is the same as the man who was “localized and taken care of” earlier in the evening. This is a man the police searched for before reporting that he was located.

Address known to the police

The police told VG at the time that they did not want to disclose why they were looking for the man.

– He is as far as we are aware, not hurt, says Operations Manager Stig Væråmoen, who adds that they still do not consider themselves finished with the search for other people who were present before the fire.

The police have been at the address several times before. They relate some of the people who have been living there as being a part of the local drug users. The house was completely destroyed in the fire.


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