Man arrested for gross fraud had 18 mobile subscriptions in the other persons names.

Oslo district court, Oslo courthouse, Female fraudster Tøyen Murder 51 years in prison AmmerudOslo district court. Photo:

A 37-year-old man meets in Oslo district court on Monday, charged with gross fraud and for using a fake bank cards to received a large quantity of goods.


The charges against the man is very extensive and on twelve pages. The man is charged with gross fraud and identity theft by over 30 people. He is also charged with forgery on over 100 debit cards and driver’s licenses.

From December 2015 to February 2016, the man created 18 telephone subscriptions in other people name’s by claiming to be the person, according to the charges.

During the same period, the man received deliveries of said mobile phones, as well as, a playstation, clothes, watches and other goods by ordering using other people’s information.

The man is also charged with attempting to take out loans under other people’s names.

The trial starts on Monday, in Oslo district court, the court has set six days for the matter.

The charges describe the fraud as gross due to that it has caused significant economic damage, to those involved and that it has been going on for a long time, he was systematic and very organized.


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