Man arrested after shots fired in Oslo

Police Car stabbing in Oslo Police officer shots firedPolice Car. Photo: Norway Today Media

Man arrested after shots fired in downtown Oslo

– The suspect is a man in his early twenties. We have no indication that other suspects are involved in the event, the Oslo police write on Twitter at 10.13 am.


Earlier in the day, the police reported that they had control of a man who fired some shots using a firearm against buildings in the area around Stortorvet in Oslo.

– We got a couple of messages about a man in the area who fired wildly using a firearms. One or more of them were not blanks, says operations manager in the Oslo police, Rune Hekkelstrand, to NTB.

– We are investigating the firearms, says the operation manager.

No person is reported as being injured. The police Sunday morning works to follow the route of the man to look for possible injured persons. At 10.21 am they state that a shop facade has been found at Grensen that has damages that might stem from shots.

– Penetrated one layer of the window only, the police write on Twitter.

Examining the weapon

Hekkelstrand says police arrived shortly after they were notified of the incident, and the man was then in the Domkirkeparken. The man would not comply with the injunction of an armed patrol on the spot, but the police managed to get control of him. The police did not fire any shots.

At 9.42 am, the police report on Twitter that the man has been in the area of Storgata in the vicinity of Stortorvet. They currently have no information that the man has shot at people.

The police encourage on Twitter all who have observed the event, and who have not already talked to them, to make contact as soon as possible.

Investigations and interrogations

The operational leader, Svein Arild Jørundland, told NRK that they were notified a little after nine am about a man with a gun-like object in the area. Bangs were also heard.

The operation leader says that after the police got control of the man, he found that he had fired several shots in the centre of Oslo.

– The scenes we have identified so far are secured, says Jørundland to the channel.

The man has been taken to the police house, and the police conduct both tactical and technical investigation of the incident.

– He said he had fired two or three shots, but I do not want to go into his explanation. But he acknowledges to be the man seen by the witnesses, says Hekkelstrand to Nettavisen.

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