Man arrested after Toyota is stopped, carrying twelve passengers

Toyota AurisToyota Auris. Photo EurovisionNim - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

A police patrol stopped a Toyota Auris on Saturday night, with a total of twelve people inside at Kalbakken in Oslo.


‘The patrol observed the car just before 01.00, and noticed that it had many passengers. The car was stopped and checked, and it turned out that there were ten people inside, and two in the trunk,’ said Operations Manager, Vidar Pedersen, of Oslo police district to NTB news.

The car was registered to carry only five people. The Operations Manager had no explanation as to how they had managed to push as many people into a four and a half-meter car.

‘It’s unclear how they achieved this,’ he said.

‘But it was not just the car that was full. Also, the driver had had a skin-full’, according to the police.

‘An alcohol b breathalyser test was performed on the spot and he was over the limit. The driver was arrested for an extended blood test’, said the operations manager.

The other passengers were told to vacate the vehicle and the car had to be towed from the site after the arrest.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today