Man arrested for violence against taxi driver in Larvik


In Larvik in Vestfold, a man in his 40’s was arrested after making racist statements, and hitting a taxi driver in the back.


The taxi driver, in his 30’s, called the police just before 01.00 on Sunday.

‘The taxi arrived after being ordered, and the suspect, who was not the customer, had made racist statements, kicked in the door of the taxi, and hit the driver in the back,’ said operations manager, Marius Knudsen,of the Southeast Police District to NTB news agency.

The police arrived, and found the suspect not far from the place where the Incident occurred.

‘He was arrested, and was given a blood test to confirm suspicion of substance abuse, and then put in detention,’ said Knudsen.

The man was notified of the charges by the police.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today