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Man caught drunk driving twice in two hours

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A man in his 50s from Lørenskog on Saturday night and early Sunday morning was caught driving drunk twice in two hours. Now he has neither a driver’s license or car.

The first time the man was caught was just after clock 22 Saturday night, writes Rome Blad. At first he tried first to run away from police, but stopped in the end, parking at Skedsmokorset.
The driver had been drinking and was taken to the emergency room for blood tests and tested for drunk driving.
“After this, his car was towed into Bilbergs, but he took it out again,” says operations manager Bjørn Jahr with East Police.
Five minutes after midnight he was stopped again at Leirsund Road, still drunk.
“This time we took the car for good,” says Jahr.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today