Man caught three times in one day for driving under the influence

Police carPolice car.Photo: Norway Today Media

A man in his 30’s refused to leave his car even though he was intoxicated. He was stopped by the police three times during one evening.

-This is something that I have never experienced before and hope I never have to experience again, said Operations Manager Trygve Ødegård from Møre and Romsdal Police to the Sunnmørsposten.

The situation started on Tuesday afternoon when a driver ran from his car in Sula, south of Ålesund. The police eventually managed to track him down, and after questioning him at the police station he was released.

-Then he leaves, and gets in his car and drives in the direction of Sulesund. Along the way there are other drivers who report his unsteady driving, says Operations Manager Tor Andre Gram Franck.

Incidentally, the police had set up a control in the area. They took the man by the quayside in Sulesund around 9 pm and he was once again brought into the station to test his alcohol level.

At 11:30 pm he was taken in for a third time in Hareid.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today