Man charged with 88 sexual assaults online

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A man is charged with 88 cases of online child sexual abuse, the average age of his victims was 13.8 years old, according to police in Southern Buskerud.

The man, who was in his twenties when the abuse took place, told girls from all the counties that he was 16 years – or a married man in his 40s.

Police in Southern Buskerud began to investigate the case in 2014, after a police station in western Norway got a review that a man from the area had allegedly abused a girl under 14 years old online, according to the newspaper Drammens Tidende.

In connection with the investigation, the police have gone through over half a million chat messages.

– The man is charged with 88 cases of online child sexual abuse – several of them rapes.

He is also charged with storing and keeping some of the pictures and footage of the girls.
This brings in the laws around child pornography, said Seljordslia.
51 of the girls were under 16 at the time of the offense, most under 14 and four were 12.

The average age was 13.8 years old and girls from across the country have been abused by the man.
Internet abuse he committed has lasted from 2012 to the spring 2015.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today