Man charged with sexually abusing retarded woman

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A man in Tysfjord in Nordland is accused of the sexual abuse of a woman with mental retardation. The abuse reportedly took place over a period of several years.

The accused is one out of five men who were arrested in a police raid in Tysfjord in the autumn of 2011, the newspaper VG reports. This weekend the newspaper told the story of eleven men and women from Tysfjord who say they have been abused. The new indictment is not related to that matter.

The man is accused of having exploited a person’s mental disorder or retardation to procure sexual favors. According to the newspaper  several sources say that they for several years have suspected that the woman has been abused, but no one has intervened. According to the indictment  the abuses took place between 2008 and 2011.
In November 2011, the police went to action after suffering a message of concern from nursing and care services in the municipality,  police lawyer Siv Remen at Narvik police said. Five men were arrested and charged with assaulting the same woman. None of the other four is on trial for sexual abuse of the woman in question.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today