Man charged with attempted murder on a balcony in Oslo

Oslo Courthouse prostitutes trialOslo Courthouse.Photo. Norway Today Media

A man meets up in Oslo district court, this week accused of attempting to murder his cohabitant on a balcony in Torshov and for death threats to a neighbor who intervened.


The events the 41-year-old man is accused of occurred in May last year. According to the report, he dragged his girlfriend out on the balcony, hit her head and face and slammed her head onto the concrete floor on the balcony. He also tried to lift her or pull her over the balcony railing, but did not succeed because the woman managed to resist and hold onto the railing.

Two neighbors intervened and pulled the man away. The 41-year-old is also charged with threatening to kill the neighbor and his family.

The man is also charged with unlawful behavior against the police when he was arrested that same evening.

He will meet in Oslo district court, trial is set from Wednesday to Friday.


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