Man charged with extortion of prostitutes in Bergen


A 37 year old man, according to police had demanded a monthly sum of 4,000 kroner from prostitutes in Bergen.

He threatened to chase them from the town if they did not pay.

The Romanian man ran an artisan company in California, but is accused of having driven with pimping and extortion after, according to the newspaper Bergens Tidende.

– The worst of the matter is that he sat there and made money off of other’s distress.

The prostitutes say they live in poverty. Many have dependent children, said police attorney Sylvia Myklebust.

According to prosecutors, the 37-year-old exploited at least seven women from Romania to prostitution.

– They have to pay to be allowed to stand on the street in Bergen and sell sex, says Myklebust.

The indictment also includes facilitating prostitution. The man allegedly drove around with prostitutes, provided homes for prostitution and helped to acquire customers.

The defendant’s defense attorney, Ole-Petter Grythe Hoff, says the 37-year-old denies guilt for both pimping and racketeering.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today