Man charged with gross violence against two men in Flekkefjord

FlekkefjordFlekkefjord.Photo: ERIK THIME / Avisen Agder / NTB scanpix

A Syrian man in his 20s is charged with grievous bodily harm after two Syrian men were found severely injured in Flekkefjord in West Agder on Thursday night.


The man was arrested on Friday morning in Flekkefjord after a knife drama on a road outside the city center on Thursday night. The police were notified that two men were found seriously injured at 22.30 on Thursday .

One of the injured, who is in his late 20s, came out of critical condition on Friday afternoon. The second aggrieved is being held in a medically induced coma at Oslo University Hospital. He is in his mid 30s.

After intense investigation through the night, the police went to arrest the Syrian man in his 20s on Friday morning.

“He is charged with grievous bodily harm and has been taken in to be investigated and questioned,” Police Prosecutor Hellek Rue, from the Agder police district told NTB earlier Friday.

Bloody sight
A witness told Avisen Agder that a man of foreign origin in his early 30s came to his home with obvious damage to the face and with some kind of boxcutter knife sticking out of his back. Outside, not far from the house, lay another man who was also seriously injured.

The witness had heard shouting and perceived that a fight had taken place. He had also seen a person lying in a ditch on the outside.

“The injured man seemed scared and alert. He does not live in the area, and I do not understand what he or the other were doing in the area,” said the witness to the newspaper.

Unknown motive
The police will not go into further detail about what the motive of the accused might have been.

“We are working to find more evidence, and to get a defender for the victim,” said Rue.

The event occurred in Snerthammerveien just outside Flekkefjord center.

A large number of police officers with assistance from the Civil Defense came to the scene and worked there through the night. Kripos has also been involved in the case and arrived on Friday morning, according to Avisen Agder.


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