Man charged with murder in Oslo, called AMK

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Man charged with murder in Oslo: victim found in apartment

A Norwegian man in his sixties is charged with murder after a man was found dead in an apartment at Sandaker in Oslo night before Friday.


– This case is now being investigated as a murder, says police chief in the Oslo police district, Anne Alræk Solem at a press conference on Friday morning.

The police were notified of the matter around 3 am via the Emergency Service’s Alarm Central (AMK).

– A person contacted AMK and informed that there was a person showing no vital signs in an apartment. The police got into the apartment, and the person was confirmed dead on the spot, says officer on watch at the crime central in the Oslo police district, Mona Nordby, to VG on Friday morning.

Solem states that the person who reported the matter is the same as the one who is now charged with murder.

– He was apprehended near the crime site, virtually simultaneously with the police entering the apartment, says Solem to VG.

Not yet questioned

The indicted is so far not been questioned.

– It is important for us to interrogate the indicted today. He will be questioned during the day.

The police believe the indicted and deceased knew each other but can not say anything about the inquiry. The two are not believed to be relatives.

-There is no reason to believe there will be any more apprehensions, says Solem.

She explains that the background for the murder charge is based on evidence stemming from the apartment and other information.

– We are in the early stages of the investigation. We need to get back to the details at a later stage.

The police officer does not want to comment on whether the police have found a murder weapon or not.

The deceased is a male

The deceased is a male. He is currently not formally identified, but the police have started a preliminary warning of the assumed relatives. The man will be autopsied.

The emergency services attempted resurrection of the man, but he was declared dead shortly after they arrived.

It is not yet clear whether the deceased and the victim belonged to any particular sub culture.

– That is something we will look into during our investigation, says Solem.

The police entered the apartment at 3.16 am. Forensics still investigates the apartment on Friday morning. There has also been performed questioning of local residents.


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