Man charged with assault of 65 underage Asian girls

Man charged with assault of 65 underage Asian girls

A 70-year-old man has been accused of committing abuse of 65 girls.


According to the extensive assault charges, the Sunnmøre man committed the ‘s assaults in Asia as he sat looking at home. The assaults are alleged to have occurred over a period of more than one year and against little girls right down to the age of 3-4.

The man must meet in Søre Sunnmøre District Court in January 2019. State Attorney, Ingvild Thorn Nordheim, told NRK news that it is a serious matter with a sentence of 21 years in prison.

The police were told about the man via American police, who reported to Kripos on the basis of the man’s internet activity.

Møre-Nytt newspaper mentioned the matter first.

The man is said to have operated under the name “grovie4u1” and chatted with intermediaries, who ensured that the assaults were executed, filmed and streamed to his computer. In addition, he contributed by paying, giving instructions, and expressed satisfaction when the assaults were made.

In total, he is charged with 129 crimes, many of which are referred to as particularly painful or offensive.

The man is also accused of taking pictures along the way and storing them. From one of the abuses, he, according to the accusation, has taken 209 screenshots. On February the 1st, 2016, the police found about 36,000 images and films that showed sexual abuse of children.

According to the police, 330 data packages have been seized, that is, CDs, VHS cassettes, PCs, hard drives and flash drives wrote NRK news.


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