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Man climbed onto locomotive and electrocuted himself

Police, Critical InjuriesPolice car. Photo Norway Today Media

A 20-year-old man who climbed onto the roof of a locomotive at Bergen train station smelled scorched and was sent to hospital with electrical burns.

He has pain in an arm and foot after he touched an electrical wire. He has stated that his arm is numb, says operations manager for Police RegionWest, Morten Kronen.

The man alerted the police himself of the incident at the container terminal at 3:40 am Sunday morning. All emergency services were dispatched, and NSB were contacted to turn off the power.

– He was helped down and sent to Haukeland University Hospital. The policemen at the site said that he smelled scorched so he got a real electrical shock, says Kronen. He says it was a stroke of luck that the 20-year-old did not lose consciousness.

– We are talking about small margins here. He could have received a lot of electricity through his body.

The Police have opened an investigation into the incident.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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