Man convicted of death threats against Skei Grande

Trine Skei GrandeTrine Skei Grande.Photo:

A 43 year old man has been convicted of making death threats against political left-winger, Trine Skei Grande after the introduction of the airline fee in 2016.


In a text message sent to Skei Grande in May 2016, the man wrote that she should disappear from the earth’s surface before the airline fee began. He signed the message, ‘Regards, a murderer,’ wrote Romerikes Blad newspaper.

Afterwards, he tried to call her three times without receiving an answer.

He then sent a message to the Venstre (Left – V) leader.

‘Can’t take the phone. Then you have something to look forward to. We’ll meet at your workplace one day.’

Skei Grande testified during the trial that she’d understood the text messages as clear threats, and forwarded them to the Police Security Service (PST).

They also perceived them as death threats, and Skei Grande had been given bodyguards until the airline fee was introduced.

The Lørenskog man acknowledged the punishment in court, and expressed regret for sending the messages.

According to the man, a family member had recently died, and he went to Sweden to participate in spreading their ashes.

‘The defendant considered flights as a travel option, and then the costs were high in terms of his limited income,’ the judgment stated.

He was sentenced to 60 days imprisonment, of which 30 days were conditional.

He also received a suspension of his mobile phone use, and must pay 1,000 kroner
in costs.


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