Man denied access to the hairdresser in Baerum

Hairdresser at WorkHairdresser at Work.Photo: Frank May / NTB scanpix

A man from the area who was going to the hairdresser to get his son’s hair cut, was refused entry because he is a man. The Discrimination Ombudsman is critical.

It was Budstikka who told the story about the man who was not allowed a haircut for his son.
“Yesterday I called the hairdresser who advertised children’s haircuts for 100kr. Received info that I could not be there because I am man, “he writes on Facebook.
The woman who runs the salon in Sandvika, confirmed to Budstikka that only women and children have access, since many customers use a hijab and they take it off in the lounge.
– I only have foreign customers from countries such as Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. There are few Norwegians who come, and I must think of my business, stressed the hairdresser.
Discrimination Ombud (LDO) said that the issue in this case is whether regard to religion and modesty can justify such discrimination.
– A hairdresser can try to pay attention to women who do not want to show their hair for a man, but if the matter comes to a head, I mean it takes a lot for one to deny men access, says department head May Schwartz at LDO.
Discrimination based on gender is basically not legal.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today