Man died after family feud in Steinkjer

A man in his 60s has diedSteinkjer.A man in his 60s has died . : Jan Arne Austad / NTB scanpix

A man in his 60s has died after a violent incident in the North Trøndelag town, Steinkjer. A 24 year old man(confirmed son of deceased) has been arrested and has provisionally been charged with murder.

The Trøndelag Police Thursday received a notification that a man was seriously injured after a violent incident in a housing estate near the centre of Steinkjer.

In a statement the police said that a man in his sixties received first aid on the spot, but that his life was not to be saved, the man therefore died of the injuries he had sustained.

A 24 year old man has been arrested and provisionally charged with murder. He is presented for medical attention – and is scheduled to be questioned sometime today. The Police have confirmed that the accused and the deceased are in closely related.

According to the local newspaper Trønder-Avisa, two police patrols and two ambulances where alerted, and police crime technicians arrived at the scene shortly after at 3 pm. The police have started the interrogations of witnesses.

The Police have announced a press conference at 6 pm in Steinkjer. The Police would not make any further comment on the matter to NTB before the press meeting.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today