Man Drunk on Antibac

AntibacAntibac.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

A man in his 40s had to be removed from a hotel in Trondheim after he got drunk on antibac and disturbed other guests in the hotel. 

This incident happened on Sunday afternoon. After the man was cleared by the doctor, he was taken home.

-” We see no reason to press charges under disorderly conduct. If there will be any charges between him and the hotel, I do not know.”, said the Operations Manager, Ellen Maria Brenne, of the Trøndelag Police District to NTB.

Although antibac is intended for hand disinfection, the drinking of hand disinfection is a common phenomenon, according to Knut Wold of the Joint Criminal Proceedings(FSI), Policedistrict.

-” We have received a number of such cases throughout the year. I don’t believe it is particularly good for your health.”, he said to Adresseavisen.

The man was from Trøndelag and was  a guest at the hotel.

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