Man to hospital with stab wounds in Porsgrunn

Southeastern Police District HospitalThe Leader group of the Southeastern Police District: Photo: Politiet / Flickr

Man to the hospital with injuries after a brawl in Porsgrunn

A man in his early thirties is admitted to hospital with serious injuries after a fight in an apartment in Porsgrunn on Friday night. Three men are charged in the case.

“The man has wounds to his back. A weapon is allegedly used. We have not found any weapons at this point in time,” Operations Manager in the Southeastern Police District, Andre Kråkenes, tells NTB at a quarter past midnight.

Two hours later, the police confirm that the man has been wounded in the back. Three men, one at the beginning of his thirties and two in their forties, are arrested. According to the police, the men were intoxicated by drugs. It is still unclear to the police which of them is the perpetrator.

“The charged troika will be questioned during the day, and it is too early to tell who the perpetrator is. I can confirm that all three are known to the police from earlier encounters. Furthermore, any potential witnesses will be questioned as well. The crime scene will be investigated by crime technicians,” Operations Manager in the Southeastern Police District, Trond Egil Groth, tells NTB on Saturday morning.

He adds that the condition of the victim is still described as being serious.

The police received notice of domestic violence in the apartment at Herøya in Porsgrunn at 10.28 pm on Friday. The report was that an intoxicated person refused to leave the premises. Somewhat later, the police were informed by the AMK that there were reports of a fight going on in the apartment. When the police arrived, they found a person with wounds to his back

Man to the hospital with head injuries in Oslo – police are hunting four perpetrators

A man in his thirties has been driven to Ullevål hospital after he was found unconscious with head injuries in Brugata in Oslo. The police are hunting for four possible suspects.

The police were notified of the incident just after 8.30 am on Saturday.

“A man was found unconscious with cuts to the back of his head. He is probably exposed to violence. We search for four possible perpetrators based on descriptions from witnesses on the scene. It appears to have occurred some kind of confrontation ahead of this”, Operations Manager in the Oslo Police District, Tore Solberg, tells NTB.

The police are now collecting video footage from surveillance cameras in the area. They are also conducting further questioning of witnesses at the crime scene.

Man seriously injured in a possible stabbing in Oslo

A man is admitted to hospital with serious injuries after he was found injured in a stairwell at Torshov in Oslo. A male person is arrested in the case.

The report of the incident came just after 9.30 pm. The police were notified by the AMK exchange, who was summoned by the persons who had discovered the injured man. The police believe that a weapon has been used.

“We got in touch with the man. We believe he has injuries that stem from a weapon in what appears to be a criminal act,” Operations Manager in the Oslo Police District, Tor Jøkling, tells NTB.

At 1.30 am, Operations Manager Gjermund Stokkli informs NTB that the man is still in a serious condition, but that he has suffered no life-threatening injuries.

In the apartment, the police came in contact with a man who at first had status as a witness. This man is now arrested and a suspect in the case.

The police do not want to say anything about which kind of weapon has been used.

“The reason for this is that we are looking for a third person, that we believe has been present in the apartment,” Stokkli informs.

Findings in the apartment lead the police to believe that it is the actual crime scene. Investigators from the crime unit visited several places to conduct investigations. The probes were completed at around 1 am.

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